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Boston Phoenix: The Westborough 8 vs. TransCanada: Anatomy of a peaceful protest

On the third floor, the lead man knocks on the ladies’ room, where the first group is waiting, then together they all barge into the Massachusetts office of TransCanada, a multinational behemoth that operates gas and oil pipelines up, down, and across North America. TransCanada is also building a new pipeline, the Keystone XL, to transport oil mined from tar sands — an ecologically disastrous practice that poisons water systems and accelerates climate change. Eight of the students peel their jackets off to reveal thick chains with bike locks slung around their necks. A ninth conspirator enters, unrolls a sign on the carpet, and announces: “THIS IS A PEACEFUL PROTEST.”

Boston Globe: 8 arrested for Keystone XL protest

Eight protesters were arrested at the TransCanada corporate offices here Monday afternoon after they superglued their hands and chained their waists and ankles together to protest the company’s Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Boston Phoenix Blog: Front Line Pics & Dispatch: Boston Area College Students Lock And Glue Themselves Inside TransCanada Office To Protest Keystone XL

A group of eight college students from a range of area schools chained and glued themselves inside the TransCanada offices at the Westboro Executive Park today. The group entered the building off of Route 9 in packs of two and three just after 2pm. They then marched up to the energy behemoth’s third floor office, sat in a circular formation with their backs touching, and began to click-in. By 2:10, crew members were fully chained and glued to one another, with fast-drying adhesive dripping from their hands and their bike locks.

EcoWatch: Protests Ignite Nationwide Targeting TransCanada’s Keystone XL

In solidarity with the the Tar Sands Blockade in Texas, students from the Boston area staged a sit-in today inside TransCanada’s office to protest big oil’s attempt to lock us into climate disaster with Keystone XL. Protesters glue themselves together at Westborough office of the company building Keystone pipeline

Police and firefighters have responded to the TransCanada office in Westborough, where eight students SuperGlued their hands together earlier today to protest the company’s Keystone XL oil pipeline.

BostInno: Local Students Glue & Chain Themselves Together in TransCanada Office to Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

A group of eight area college students met at TransCanada’s offices in Westborough, Mass. on Monday, staging a sit-in to protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline—designed to transport tar sands oil from Canada to refineries in Texas. The protest was held in solidarity with Tar Sands Blockade, a group of environmental activists who helped coordinate similar, simultaneous demonstrations in Texas and Wisconsin.

NECN: College Students Protest TransCanada Pipeline

Chains, locks and superglue was used by demonstrators Monday in Westborough, Mass. to protest the construction of an oil pipeline from Canada to the midwest. The sit-in was part of an ongoing protest over TransCanada’s association with construction of an oil pipeline in the midwest.

WCVB (Channel 5): Chained, super glued protestors arrested in WestBorough

Eight protesters tied together with chains and super glue were arrested Monday at the Transcor Canada office in Westborough while protesting the Keystone XL pipeline project.

Worcester Telegram: Pipeline protest in Westboro ends in 8 arrests

Police said the eight protesters also chained themselves together at the ankles and waists. The protesters, who staged the sit-in to protest the company’s association with the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, were taken into custody and are to appear in Westboro District Court today to face charges of disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and trespassing, police said.

MetroWest Daily News: 8 protesters chained together outside Westborough office

Eight protesters remained chained together at  the third floor of Transcanada in a Westborough Executive Office Park building to voice their opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline project.

WickedLocal Westborough: Environmental protesters in Westborough say arrests were worth it

The environmental protesters who Super Glued and chained themselves together at a local office building, keeping police and firefighters tied up for hours on Monday, said the effort was worth going to jail.

Worcester Charter TV-3: Oil Pipeline Protests

Kristen Carosa reports on Heavy chains and superglue – both part of a protest in Westborough at the offices of TransCanada.

Boston Public Radio (WGBH): The Art of Civil Disobedience

Chris Farone reporting on Boston-area civil disobedience. Discussion of our action begins 11:05 in.

Medford Patch: Two Tufts Students Arrested after TransCanada Protest

Eight current and recent college students protesting at TransCanada’s Westborough office by chaining themselves together and super glueing their hands were arrested after a nearly four-hour sit-in.

Waltham Patch: Waltham College Student Arrested At TransCanada Protest

A Waltham college student was among eight students arrested on Jan. 7 during a protest about the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline at TransCanada’sWestborough office. Lisa Rose Purdy, 20, of 26 Fisk St., Waltham, is facing charges for being a disorderly person, trespassing and disturbing the peace.

Waltham Patch: Restitution Sought From TransCanada Protestors, Including 3 Brandeis Students

Prosecutors will seek “a considerable amount of restitution” from the eight current and former college students charged in Monday’s sit-in at TransCanada’s Westborough office, the assistant district attorney said today.

Westborough Daily Voice: Considerable Restitution’ Eyed In Westborough Protest

Lawyers for eight protesters arrested Monday at Westborough’s TransCanada office were hoping for a quick resolution, but Assistant District Attorney Julie Richard said that would not be possible. The eight college students who staged the sit-in were arraigned Wednesday morning in Westborough District Court. Richard said the state would seek “considerable restitution” for the costs of removing the protesters, but she did not say what the amount would be.

Westborough Daily Voice: Protesters Arrested At Westborough’s TransCanada Office

Eight activists from several New England colleges were arrested by police Monday after staging a sit-in at Westborough’s TransCanada headquarters. Members of the group reportedly secured themselves with chains, locks and superglue in the Westborough office as part of a nationwide protest. The protesters described themselves as “representatives of a desperate generation who have been forced [into civil disobedience] by the reckless and immoral behavior of fossil fuel corporations such as TransCanada.”

Westborough Daily Voice: Westborough TransCanada Protesters To Be Arraigned Wednesday

Scott Schaeffer-Duffy of Worcester, who protested Tuesday outside the courthouse, said he is not affiliated with the protesters, but supports their cause. He threw together a sign and went to the courthouse to show his support after seeing the news about the arrests Tuesday.

Westborough Patch: TransCanada Calls Sit-In “Publicity Stunt”

sit-in at TransCanada’s Westborough office Monday was a “publicity stunt” seeking “to stop a project that is currently providing thousands of jobs to American workers,” company spokesman Shawn Howard said today.

Worcester Mag: Worcester Supporters Rally For XL Eight

Eight protesters were arraigned Wednesday morning at Westborough District Court on charges of being a disorderly person, trespassing and disturbing the peace. The protesters, known as the “XL Eight,” were arrested Monday afternoon after they chained and glued themselves together outside of the TransCanada corporate offices in protest of the company’s Keystone XL pipeline.

Fenway-Kenmore Patch: BU Student, 7 Others Arrested For Protesting TransCanada Pipeline

A BU student and several other Boston-area college students were arrested on Monday night while protesting at TransCanada’s Westborough, MA office by chaining themselves together and super-gluing their hands.

MetroWest Daily News: Westborough Protestors Likely To Pay Restitution

The eight protesters who chained and Super Glued themselves inside the Westborough office of TransCanada Corporation will face “considerable restitution” payments.

MetroWest Daily News: Pipeline Protestors Will Likely Pay Restitution in Westborough Case

The eight protesters who chained and Super Glued themselves inside the Westborough office of a company building an oil pipeline across the United States will face “considerable restitution” payments, authorities say.

MetroWest Daily News: Environmental Protestors  in Westborough Say Arrests Were Worth It

The environmental protesters who Super Glued and chained themselves together at a local office building, keeping police and firefighters tied up for hours on Monday, said the effort was worth going to jail. “It was worth it and very empowering,’’  said Shea M. Riester, minutes after posting $40 bail Monday night at the Westborough police station.

Westborough Patch: Area Man Supports TransCanada Protest

The eight people arrested after a sit-in at TransCanada’s Westborough office now will be arraigned Wednesday, Westborough District Court officials said today. However, the word that the proceedings were expected today inspired one supporter to hold a “Stop the XL Pipeline. Save the Earth!” sign outside the courthouse. Keystone Protestors Target TransCanada Offices

Just as the action in Houston died down, eight college students and recent grads were chaining and gluing themselves inside TransCanada’s corporate office in Westborough, Mass. They were promptly unchained and arrested, because that’s how much TransCanada cares about your Harvard degrees, kids. Tar Sands Blockaders Take Over TransCanada Offices in Texas, Elsewhere 

Campaigners in Westborough, Massachusetts—reportedly students—occupied the inside of the entryway at the company’s offices and refused to leave.

99% Boston: Super Glue action against TransCanada leads to 8 arrests in Massachusetts

Eight young adults were arrested yesterday after they glued their hands together with cyanoacrylate adhesive during a sit-in protest at TransCanada offices in Westborough, a Central Massachusetts town about 28 miles (45.47 km) west of Boston.

The Boston Occupier: Statement From Arrested Keystone Pipeline Activists

Today we stand together as representatives of a desperate generation who have been forced into this position by the reckless and immoral behavior of fossil fuel corporations such as Transcanada. Our political leaders have failed countless times to stand up to the tyranny of fossil fuel giants and take the necessary steps to solve the climate crisis. Their failures have disrupted and destroyed millions of lives. Millennials Occupy TransCanada Offices Across the US

“We’re dreaming of a day when the law asks TransCanada to pay restitution for the families they’ve uprooted and the resources they’ve damaged and the other impacts of the climate crisis they’ve caused by pushing forward projects like Keystone XL,” Welton continued.

“Students & Goliath”:  A Film