Get Involved

The costs of action are far less than the costs of inaction. Here are some organizations that can help you get involved:

350 Massachusetts

Here in Massachusetts we are launching a new front on tar sands extraction and transportation through 350MA.  350MA is a volunteer-led, grassroots coalition to address climate change and build a just and secure future beyond fossil fuels.  Volunteers meet regularly to plan actions and campaigns in the Massachusetts area.  We will be focusing on targets responsible for the KXL and Trailbreaker pipelines, such as corporations Exxon and Transcanada, as well as political leaders like Senator John Kerry.  If you live in the Massachusetts area, come join us in Boston for our next meetings – January 8th and January 26nd.  Find out more at:

Tar Sands Blockade

Tar Sands Blockade is a coalition of Texas and Oklahoma landowners and organizers using nonviolent direct action to physically stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.  We stand with people of all backgrounds who are fighting to save their homes, land and our planet from destruction by tar sands oil pumped by TransCanada. Tar Sands Blockade is coordinating grassroots actions across Texas and Oklahoma.

Tar Sands Blockade conducts actions on a rolling basis.  You can sign up for an action here.

Upcoming Actions

The movement for climate justice is multifaceted, with many groups and opportunities to get involved.   There are several upcoming days of action that target tar sands pipelines in particular.

  • January 23rd: Join 350 New England in No Pipelines Solidarity Actions across the region – our Canadian friends and neighbors will also be taking solidarity action in preparation for the 1/26 Portland action.  Sign up here or email
  • January 26th: Join 350 New England to Stop the Northeastern Tar Sand Pipeline with allied organizations in Portland, ME.  Portland is the terminal for this ExxonMobil pipeline from which Canadian tar sands would be shipped for export to global markets.  If you are interested in helping people in your community or networks take part in this action, please sign up here or email  Sign up here for a bus from Boston to Portland.
  • February 17th: Join to Oppose the KeystoneXL Pipeline in Washington, D.C. and make it clear to President Obama that we still expect him to deny the permit. 350MA will be recruiting as many people as possible to join this action! If you are interested in helping people in your community or networks take part, or if you’re interested in signing up for the bus, please email

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